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Tech Tools You Can Use


Hand drawn animation-a how to video
Fotobabble-make talking photos with moving mouths!

Blabberize-more talking photos

Digw-make your own video games

Speaking Image-add multiple links and recordings to a photo

My Fake Wall-make a fake Facebook wall for anyone graphic organizers

Notaland-interactive poster with photo, video, music (also good for brainstorming)

Glogster-interactive online poster maker

Wikispaces-create a page, invite members, then everyone can share their knowledge

Little Bird Tales-you write it and illustrate it and narrate it, then share it.

Voki-create speaking avatars, record a message, post to your blog or project

Bubblejoy-create talking greeting cards and email them

Bloom’s- Knowing, Understanding, Applying

Wordnik-everything you ever wanted to know about any word-even hear it pronounced
Flashcard Exchange-create, study, print or share flashcards
Lino It-Online bulliten board creator with sticky notes
Creately-create and collaborte-diagrams
Ninjawords-really fast dictionary
Cobocards-flashcards, even has an app version
Visuwords-graphic dictionary
Delicious-bookmark and highlight favorite websites
Flickr-store, share and search photos by topic, location…
UNDERSTANDING- graphic organizers
Slideshare-hyper power point tool
Jeopardy labs-make a jeopardy game with your information
Dynamo Dictionary-make your own word lists to study, get dictionary help
Pipes-watch the intro video, mash up information from all over the web.
Sketchup-build 3D virtual models
Scribble maps-draw on google maps, add images, widgets, videos and more
Giffy-flow charts, diagrams, floor models
Evernote-capture screen images, record reminders, make notes, organize them

Bloom’s-Analyzing, Creating, Evaluating

Exploratree-wide variety of thinking maps
Create a graph-really easy line, bar and pie graphs for kids
CREATING (also see most of the general list on this page)
Protagonize-like to write, publish your digital story here!
eportfolio-online portfolios
rubistar-make and store rubrics-have kids make them too
Youtube-create, upload, edit, share videos (and FIND ones for your classroom or project).
Polldaddy-make polls for everything, analyze the data
Survey Monkey-another survey/poll building site


quizlet -online quiz, flashcard and game maker for studying
capzles online multimedia timelines-online “tour” of a topic, place or timeline with photos, word docs and music.
Prezi-a zooming power point with the ability to embed music, videos, images.
Storybird-make an online illustrated story
Dropbox-a place to load your documents to and access from any computer.
Popplet-make thinking maps, embed photos, videos, images, links-seehow-to video
Diigo-bookmark, add notes, highlight…all online. Create a virtual library for yourself and share with others. See How-to video.
Pixton-comic maker…Seethis info video.

Xtranormal-type in text to make an animated video and upload to Youtube. See this short description video.

Comic Creator-easy comic maker up to six panes, very limited details, though. AND only available to print…not save online.

ToonDoo-can make comic strips and then make strips into books by loading them up together.

Animoto-Video slideshows choreographed, magically, to music. 

Voicethread-narrate images, also comment others

Wikispaces-a place for collaborating and building knowledge with a group.

Skype-tool for face to face video chats for free, worldwide.

Kodu-easy video game making tool. See some tutorials here and here (if you have an xbox 360 and want to make an xbox game).
Special thanks to Shawntel Allen for compiling this great list!
Click here  for some tech tips from CNG 8th graders!
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