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You must read and analyze a minimum of  five poems.

For each poem you read, write a journal entry OR fill out this handout (downloadable).

Important: these poems should be published poems. Using the websites below, the anthologies in the classroom or books from the library will decrease the chances of analyzing unpublished poets. If you analyze an unpublished poem, it will not “count” as one of your 3 weekly analyses. I can help you with other tips for ensuring that you are reading a published poem.

Need some links to good poetry websites? Try these:

Need help with poetic terms and analyzing poetry? Try these:

Here is a slideshow to help you review some poetry basics:

In-Class Poetry Exercise
1. Read and annotate your copy of “My Papa’s Waltz”
2. SHARE: On a word document created by one of your group members, finish the following sentences and be prepared to share them with the class:
  • We would describe the speaker of this poem as…
  • We think this poem is about…
  • One part or word we did not understand was…
  • Some figurative language that we noticed was…
3. Visit VirtualLit and look at the tabs on the left. Under the “Elements of Poetry” tab, please click on the following words. Then for each one, read the “complete exercises” with your group. You may also click on any other links that interest you.
4. SHARE: Complete the following sentences on your word document:
  • Something new that we learned was…
  • Something we already knew about was…
5. Under the critical approaches tab, read the essay titled “A Reader’s Response” with your group.
6. SHARE: Answer the two questions from the Poetry Analysis Worksheet that have been assigned to your group. Add your answers to your word document and email it to me. Make sure all group members’ names to this document.
7. USE IT: Answers from all groups and all classes are posted on this page in the space below. You may use any of these answers on your own analysis worksheet for “My Papa’s Waltz,” and turn it in with a future packet.
Click here to review theme, “My Papa’s Waltz,” and get two websites that can help you with literary analysis.
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