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For the nonfiction portion of your collection, you must include at least one book, three essays and three speeches related to your topic. You will probably have to analyze even more than that, in order to find the minimum number of items that you deem “worthy” for your collection. Use the Nonfiction Analysis Help page to help you with your nonfiction collection. Note that there are several pages located under this main help page. For each short item that you read, write a journal entry or fill out  this worksheet for nonfiction analysis.

For your nonfiction book, you do not have to fill out any analysis worksheets or write any journal entries until you are finished with the book. Instead, just read the book and take notes. You should plan to turn in a minimum of one page of notes, front and back, each time I collect it. If you are not able to take a page of notes, then you are not reading enough of the book each week!

For each nonfiction piece that you choose to include in your collection, write a paragraph for the annotated bibliography in which you summarize it, explore its treatment of your chosen topic, and discuss the qualities that make it a “worthy” of your collection.

Check the useful links page if you need help searching for a nonfiction book to read.

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