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You must find  five short stories plus one full-length novel related to your topic.  That means you will have to read and analyze at least that many stories, but probably more, in order to find five that you believe are “worthy” of your collection. For each story that you read, take notes, and then write a journal entry or fill out this handout.

When reading your novel, you do not have to fill out the worksheet or write the journal entry until you have finished the book. You do, however, have to take notes. Notes should be at least one page, both sides of the page, each time I collect them. If you are not reading enough of your novel to take that amount of notes, you are not reading enough!

Within your fiction selections, three different genres must be represented (see the link below for help with genres).

Literary Genres

Need some help with fiction analysis? Try these:

These downloadable files are RECOMMENDED READING and should be referred to frequently as you complete the fiction analysis worksheets:

For help with finding good book and short story titles, please click on these links:

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