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Welcome to the Homework page.

The previous month’s entries are archived here so that this page does not get too long.

Wednesday, June 6

If your name was on the board today, you must come to the “exam” period on Friday June 8 at 10:00 AM to finalize your Romeo and Juliet project. Failure to show up will result in 0 on all work that is marked as “missing.” 

What’s due Friday June 8 at 11:30 AM?

1. Sonnet about your book. Requirements:

  • 14 lines
  • 10 syllables per line
  • Correct sonnet rhyme scheme (several options– see video)
  • BONUS! Iambic pentameter (but not required)

2. Feedback to 3 peers. Requirements:

  1. Each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences (x3)
  2. You must post the feedback on the student’s blog, then copy/paste it into your own blog
  3. Tell them what they did well (in terms of showing their learning about sonnets, puns, allusions, cliches, Shakespearean language and grammar, and vocabulary)
  4. Tell them one thing that they could improve upon
3. Final Reflection– 2 options: Provide a note of explanation about the puns/allusions you included in your sonnet and the intended effect, OR answer 2 of the 3 “essential questions” from the R & J page (at the top). Requirements:
  • You must write at least one paragraph of 5 or more sentences
  • Be specific
  • Show me what you learned

Monday, June 4

What is due at 11:59 PM TONIGHT (for period 4- due at 10:10 AM on Monday June 4)?

  • Mindmap with 25 details, matched up with 10 cliches, 10 vocabulary words, 3 puns, 2 allusions
  • All previous work that was missing
  • Anything you wanted to improve the grade on (from the R & J unit). I will not recheck work any more, unless you come to the exam on Friday and specify which items you would like me to look at again. Tuesday morning is the last time I am checking work. Pd. 4: I am already done with yours. 
What is due when you walk into class on WED?
  • Your sonnet
What is due by 11:59 PM WED. NIGHT?
  • Peer feedback
  • Final reflection
Here’s the deal:
  • If you walk into class on WED. and have things marked as missing, you must come to class on Friday at 10:00 AM to either finish the work, or show me that it’s finished.
  • If you are not finished with the final reflection/peer feedback steps when you leave class on Wed., but have completed EVERYTHING ELSE, you do not have to come to class on Friday, but be aware that I will check for this work on THURSDAY JUNE 7. What is there, gets graded. What is missing cannot be made up unless you show up on Friday at 10 AM. 
Confused? If so, the best strategy is this:
  1. Check St. Score. Do EVERYTHING that is missing. Redo anything that does not have a 4. Do this before 11:59 PM on Monday June 4.
  2. Write your sonnet before coming to class on Wednesday.
  3. Work hard in class to finish the peer feedback and final reflection (plenty of time, if you do not have other work to do).
  4. Relax and enjoy the feeling of a job well done!

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